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woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Bikini Wax Videos
People performing various techniques

How To Wax
How To Wax

A video blog about how to wax your bikini area at home.


First Bikini Wax Video
First Bikini Wax Video

This is a short depiction of my first bikini wax
Gigi Bikini Wax Video
Gigi Bikini Wax Video

Instructional Video on how to
use gigi bikini wax

Moom Bikini Wax Video
Moom Bikini Wax

Instructional Video on how to do a Moom bikini wax
Holly's First Bikini Wax Video
Holly's First  Bikini Wax Video

Holly from Island 106 in the Morning gets her first bikini wax!
Bikini Wax Video
Bikini Wax Video

I just got my first bikini wax! Woot!

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