First Bikini Wax Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

First Bikini Wax


People put EVERYTHING on youtube, but I concur. I have no idea why they felt the need.
If it was a "This is what it's like." or what not... but.. hmm.

woolywaffles lol can u see? she obviously needs braces, not to be be i mean she can keep her teeth the way she wants it's her choice but some people's opoinon would say that she needs braces so u quit hating on people judgement,and trying to change what they think!

she took it really well, I just saw some girl on another video scream like crazy, she kinda reminds me of somebody off tv, she looks great

the girl is gorgeous - i'm guessing a lot better-looking than the people making nasty comments. and there's nothing wrong with her teeth! just because they're not the ultra-fake veneers you see on TV! they're cute, individual. i don't think she should change them.

I think she's really cute, teeth and all! I actually dislike "perfect" teeth. I wish people would stop wasting their time with dumb comments on here. You have better things to be doing.

meh so what if they arent perfect. maybe you should go cut your wrists because oobviously your a skidmark on the underpants of society and the best part of you dribbled down your daddies leg, just because someone doesnt look like one of those ugly ass magazine whores doesnt mean everyone should act like a cocksucker... damn i think shes cute as hell and so are alot of other women that people dont like... shitstain

Leave her alone, she's very beautiful, you are lucky you guys got to see this. she's way too good to be showing this stuff to the world.


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