Vag waxing 101 Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Vag waxing 101 - Brazilian Dos and Don'ts


OMG! I did my first Brazilian the other day! and have done two MANKINI'S! LUCKILY I HAVEN'T ran into anything gross yet! someone i work with said she almost barfed, needed a mask, fan and couldn't get the smell out of her room!!

i'm in esthiology school right now and that's my motto TRIM YOUR SHIT.

and even more importantly...WASH YOUR SHIT

i've had some bikinis where i wanted to cry

OMG! Soooo tru! HELL yea, I make dam sure that my poo hole is right before I even attempt to get my stuff waxed :)

Completely agree I spend all day waxing nothing worse then people that piss you off, and one more thing not to do !!!DONT hit the Beauty Therapist as they rip your hair off the more pissed off i am the harder it is to wax you

It was great... until you bit the cock's head. :D

People must be gigantic pussies-- I hade my first BW today and I wouldn't even describe it as uncomfortable, although it was done by a completely badass wax-master.


I waxed a friend's "junk" once, and she was not annoying about it. I feel sorry for you with your horrible skanky customers!

Post the damn follow-up vid!

it's nice to have a video tutorial teaching us fellas about the process of cleaning them vages. well played, young lady and older, hairier lady.

I was laughing my arse off all the way through this! Great stuff! Thanks for the tips! I will probably swear my head off when I get mine done for the first time before Christmas! And you're saying that's ok? Awesome! :)


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