First Bikini Wax Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

First Bikini Wax with the help of some friends


He says, "Man up," but I'd like to see one of those men try it.
Funny vid, tho, anybody not laughing hasn't been thru it - YEEouch! XD!

for real. i mean, jeez. i wouldn't do that with a bunch of guys in the room. that's the kind of stuff that should be done in PRIVATE.

O haha that can be true xD but still.. you do not show your pussy off with your friends ór family. Look if it was only her daughter or mother i could understand but this is just... blehg:P

When you're in the salon, it's a more comfortable situation because there aren't people laughing at you all the time. :P It's not so bad.

She's not being forced its just scary your first time and everyone is a little reluctant. Clearly if she didn't want it done she would leave. But that shit hurts the first few times hahaha.

Hey, if a young lady decides to voluntarily do something like this, for cosmetic reasons, that's one thing. But this one looks like she was either forced or serious coerced into it--and probably just to make a "pain video" at that. Considering what was experienced here, I hope she never allows it to happen again--and rids herself of "friends" like these.

Thank you for blowing my comment out of proportion. Actually, its not natural to be honest. There's a reason for the hair we have, from eyebrows to armpits. Also, thats not the point I was bringing up. But while we're at it, the only one of those options that would really make sense beyond just "looks" is shaving armpits for hygenic reasons. That hair traps odor & moisture. While I do shave my legs, there really is no point. There's zero hygenic benefit- It's a cultural topic.

Why the aversion to removing pubic hair? That serves a hygienic purpose as well. Women entering the Italian army are actually required to shave their pubic hair to cut down on the number of yeast infections that occur in boot camp. Not to mention it looks and feels better.

Why the aversion to removing pubic hair? That serves a hygienic purpose as well. Women entering the Italian army are actually required to shave their pubic hair to cut down on the number of yeast infections that occur in boot camp. Not to mention it looks and feels better.

What's your reason for keeping pubic hair? It doesn't serve any function except to help us smell each other in the wild. This day in age we have no problem finding each other and would rather not smell each other

i'm all for keeping things tidy, but why the aversion to even having pubic hair? It means your body has matured, thus is a part of your NATURAL body. I wish people would stop being 'grossed out' by people who don't have brazilians or something. seems childish. Celebrate your body!!

I shave and it feels better when I make love and my boyfriend like. I like going to get my gyno exam with out any hair on me down there. the nurse told me she shaves also.

Well my girlfriend was very resistant to shaving down there. But I convinced her to try it once and now she loves it and says that it is much easier to stay clean and says she feels much more hygienic. I think that hygiene is important.. would you date some one who never bathed.. it is the same thing really.. it doesn't have to have anything to do with sex.

i sure hope thats NOT how she acts when shes havin' an orG dude!! wtf wuts up w/ the moaning i hope the wax wasn't that hott...LmfAo!! funny vid yo...

Umm.. im Sorry to say hun that BO "IS" normal. We have many ways to prevent it, but it is normal darling. Just like hair. We have many ways to get rid of it, but if a girl just wants to trim or leave it, it's up to her!!!

p>I think everyone has a right to think and make statements. If she thinks it is not normal to have pubic hair ok. Normal is what you want to be normal.There is no need to fight just because you will or wont wax your pubic hair. Eventhought I do it!

You mean a "regular" man would object to a woman who was normal? Sad, it shows how shallow some people are. Men who won't even date a woman who doesn't get a bikini wax are doing them a favor by taking themselves out of the gene pool. Snobs.

Sorry honey but "normal" IS hairy. We are born naked but we're wired for hair. If one chooses to shave or wax it off, so be it, but to say it's not normal to have body hair is just plain stupid. Again, I say anyone who won't date someone or are so cliquish that they won't change in the same area with someone with body hair, is very shallow. Hair or no hair isn't what really matters in a partner. Of course, if sex is your only goal, you can always buy yourself someone to use.

And how old are you? 13? Only a 13 year old would think the woman in this video is 50. She's in her late 20s probably. DUH! Do women a favor and don't date anyone.

oh my god .. am a beautician and none of my clients act like tht wen they are gettin there bikini line done..its no tht sore...shes just puttin on an act

lol, riiiight. My girlfriends pussy would beg to differ. I'm just saying, waxing seems like the most unpleasant way to do it. If you wanna shred your vagingo to pieces...go for it. Oh yeah, but like everything else...American pussy is of course superior and world's best. Now go play with a rifle or something.

This is such an American thing. I have never heard of girls waxing here in Germany for example. They just shave, which is not painful at all. I dont really see the added value of waxing. Hmmm, only maybe you dont have to do it as often...

Here in the UK it's pretty much compulsory. A girl couldn't have a regular boyfriend or even get changed in a communal changing room if she was hairy.


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