Funny Brazilian Wax Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

A girl getting a Brazilian Wax for the first time laughs the whole time


lol she's laughing all the time!^^ funny u don't make it seem all that painful

I want her as a client,that is my ideal customer.She is adorable what a trooper!!!She even gave me the giggles.

you are so funny - is laughing your way of pain response? hated the lady - what a bitch

that makes me feel betta im doin it :D lMAO

"that is terrible, the therapist should of been wearing gloves, and the roller system is not hygienic as the roller goes around back in2 the wax,taking in any hairs that the roller may have picked up when applying the wax. and it is alot more painful than the hot wax. maybe she should go back to training. she obouisly needs a few pointers"

WATS A BRAZILIAN WAX? do they wax da pussy only o wat da fuck???

that was hilarious! u are to cute and "you're so violent" good s%*t!

They should play some relaxing music in the room to help calm your nerves. I would be freaking out hearing whirring noises and people mumbling while my area was being tortured.

heres a tip drink a bottle of wine b4 you go :) it doesnt hurt as much lol


oh relax its not that bad. its just a sting for a minute and it goes away!

lol i had my first brazilian waxing today and i wish it was this funny lol.
But the woman waxing you is rudeeeeeeeeee.

The technician looks like a mean, old school tacher.


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