Pubic Waxing by Car Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Pubic Waxing by Car Video


Dude, that's nothing new! Ramona Cash waxed her pubes by car on the "Rad Girls" show back in like early 2007. Still, took guts for you to do it. P.S. British accents are hot (and so are you). Oh yeah...and..umm....err...meh.. .God save the Queen!

Any pubic region not looked after is a little icky but a brazilion can be overboard. All's you need is a shaving kit and just trim it up a bit. Good for the chicks that wont go brazilion and its quick (and fun!).

Obviously public hair on girls is just gross... but what a way to get rid of it!

Oh man this one should win! This is the craziest thing I could ever think about. If you were on the 2nd Haka Trip last year... You would be even crazier then me!


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