Sexy Waxing Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

A Guy getting a sexy wax all over and at the same time


Hahahahahaha at 0:41 Jono's not holding the towel properly... Please say those are undies of some sort.

dude! you got balls dude,
i'm a chick and even i dont use that many wax strips at a time
btw nice robe

lol tru change the name so we cant mock you for being a 40 year old virgin :P
too bad most of us already saw it bee-yotch!

lol hhahahaha lol now im not a sadistic freak but lol that was hilarious when you were screaming ykno i think i should get a wax >.> lol

are you saying ur a 40 year old virgin?
not that im surprised, but openly admitting it???
i wuv u really


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