Bachelor Getting a Brazilian Wax Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Stag (bachelor) gets setup by mates for a wax. Haha Heath!!


guyz hair removal is not gay it is normal being beauty,hair removing makes u shine but just letting ur self to be a bear is not hot nto even for a woman..

Gay people don't wax. Straight people are the vane ones. They have 200 billions kinds of beauty products and services for men and forget about straight women they helpless when it comes vanity. Its a multi trillion dollar business.

it's OK, it's just a little burn...visit a Burn Center in your town this holiday season, you will understand. Tears not included.

With the red wax it almost makes it look like blood. That makes it look terrifying....

ROFL. When they made him lift his leg I just about peed myself I was laughing so hard!!!


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