Man Body Waxing Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Man Body Waxing


wow, i never knew people felt so much pain from waxing... i usually don't feel anything...

id fuckin pussy out too lol .. i trim my shit lol i would never go thru that lol

Maybe if I was gay.
Sorry man. I'm straight as can be with no curves in my line.
Get a few drinks in me and then maybe. Hahah!

Hum... but 100 bucks is too little for this. Maybe for 10x this I would do it... but I don't think on that.
Would you do it again?

Let me tell you.
A full body?!? Oooo! I dunno.
Mine was like 120 and it was just front and back body.
So, imagine the entire body.
The pain is not as bad, AFTER the first rip!
Thanks for the respect. IT TOOK BALLS TO DO THAT!


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