Waxathon Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job



aaa.... this is so stupid, i'm a man, and i'm waxing leg, chest, butt... and i don't screem like a little girl?!?!? was is that? it does'nt hurt so bad...

it is impossable for me to understand why any man would want to have himself waxed?

I saw a 14 year old boy, who did it (waxed his legs) becose he has lost a bet and he didn't even winced. I think he's very taugh. Sorry for my english, but i'm from Poland.

This is so lie. Women don't do that again, 'cause it hurts like hell. That's why women shave instead.

It doesn't hurt THAT much comm'on! But again I'm not that hairy. The end result is worth the pain!

HAHAHAHAHA wow!! that had to be one of the funniest videos i've ever seen on youtube!!! my sides hurt from laughing soo hard! hahaha

Omg, look at 9:28. What's wrong with his left nostril!? o_O

Yes it's painful, but either being that hairy really does make it *that* painful, or the first guy has a very low pain threshold.

I had a leg waxing when I was 13. And yes, my legs were hairy. I'm like a she-monkey. The first guy was being scandalous, literally crying more than a young girl. Yeah I winced, but didn't yell like he did.

And were there carrots? I am so lucky I am smooth all over. Oh well, maybe when I get to be Franco's age I might grow chest hairs and such


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