Man Waxing in Kuwait Video

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Man Waxing in Kuwait


it is in kuwait. We were 4 days from returning home from iraq and we had to stop in kuwait.

waxing is good, most of men here doesnt shave or wax bodies couse they actually don't have a good shape or doesn't even wanna work on it, i tried waxing it's hella painful haha XD

Hi, Secretia Collins here from SecretiaTV... I don't understand why anyone would ever wax or shave his or her own bush. I haven't waxed or shaved my bush since 1972. I celebrate Black History month by weaving it into dreads.

he is a sexy as white boy, i wish he was barefooted, maybe next time I hope. damn he is sexy.

At first I wasn't sure what i was looking at. I was like, "where the hell did he get a body wax in Iraq... I would have killed for a professional waxer!!" Then I read Kuwait and remembered. The multiple days of "nothing to do" was really great.

You took it like a champ. Can you imagine women (like me) get this done once a month? It hurts like a b! Save this s*t for your kids (when you have some... and they're like 30, they'll crack up.

hahahahahahha you guys are so funny. I want you to know that I do feel your pain brother (I react the same way when they shape my eye browse with wax or threading). Anyways, keep up the good work. God bless you and be well and safe.

Hmmmm I can't stop laughing for some reason! I like it when big strong men whimper like this. But then I am Evil that way ;} A Perv in Canada


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